Snuneymuxw First Nation
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Snuneymuxw Marine Division

The Snuneymuxw Marine Division oversees the natural ecosystems in our territorial waters for the benefit of local fish and all marine creatures living in and passing through our waters.

We support the long-term strategy of increasing Snuneymuxw presence within the marine environment while ensuring that culturally and sacred sites are protected, and food security is maintained.

The Marine Division Team
The Marine Division Team
  • Engage with the youth of the community as they are the ones who will  experience the most severe impacts of climate change on Snuneymuxw resources.
  • Incorporate Snuneymuxw traditional knowledge as the driving force behind the western science we leverage to gather information and build working relationships with government, educational, and private sector organizations to restore Snuneymuxw's role as steward of the coast. We are also working to:
  1. Restore and enhance the damaged coastal ecosystems
  2. Protect our coastal resources
  3. Respond to emergencies
  4. Ensure the security and safety of our traditional foods
  5. Build the capacity of our staff
  6. Encourage continuing education
  7. Create career-oriented jobs

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