Snuneymuxw First Nation
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Marine Territory

The Marine Division is conducting surveys at the bottom of the Salish Sea and developing an inventory of baseline data of the ecosystem within Snuneymuxw’s marine territory. Sea urchins are a “structure-building” species, research shows trawling disturbance had a significant effect on the biomass and mean size of the urchins, Gracilechinus acutus. Indicator species like Urchins are useful for detecting trawling disturbances on the trophic pathways, especially if baseline information is absent.

The Marine Division has also taken proactive measures in surveying and monitoring marine incidents, such as derelict vessels. Small vessel spills have been a chronic issue within the Snuneymuxw’s marine environment. The impact of these incidents will accumulate over time and degrade the marine ecosystem.

ROV Survey in Dodd’s Narrow – Sea Urchins

An ROV survey showed eel grass beds and a kelp crab at Jack point. This video footage provided the first imagery unveiling the unique biodiversity of Snuneymuxw’s marine territory.

ROV – Kelp Survey in Jack Point