Post Secondary Education

This Department's objective is to provide Post-Secondary Education support and service to all Snuneymuxw First Nation members.




Students must be registered members of Snuneymuxw First Nation and provide proof of such. If the student has been out of school for more than two years, they must enroll in upgrading or college prep course.

Students must meet the entrance requirements and been accepted for enrollment in a Program of Studies at a recognized Post-secondary Institution that grants certificates, diplomas and/or degrees. The Program of Studies eligible for funding will be those programs with an Academic Year of at least 8 months, and which occur from September to April. A letter of acceptance must be submitted with a student’s application.

Students must be enrolled in a designated Post-Secondary Institution.

Students must be a Canadian resident and provide proof of such (i.e. recent phone bill, tax forms, etc.). The only exception to this policy is for students studying in post-secondary institutions outside Canada, in which case students must provide proof of Canadian residency in the 12 months prior to their first Academic Year.

Students must submit a short essay using Appendix C to outline their educational and career goals.

Applications must be received with all the necessary documentation no later than April 30th for the Academic Year commencing in the autumn of the same year.

Students must sign and adhere to a student contract with the SFN Education.

For continued eligibility, returning students must submit all official transcripts from the previous Academic Year within 2 weeks of becoming available; have a minimum of a C+ average; and meet the other criteria.

Applicants cannot receive funding from other SFN programs while in receipt of

Post-Secondary Education Funding (i.e. social assistance) BUT may receive funding from other SFN Programs (i.e. social assistance) in between academic sessions (i.e. during the summer months) IF they are not enrolled in post-secondary education programs.


Please completely fill out the Application for Post Secondary Funding and SFN Student Contract Forms below and the applicable school's forms you have been accepted to and contact the office to set up an appointment to discuss.

Please read through the POST SECONDARY EDUCATION PROGRAM POLICY before making an appointment.

Contact Details: 

668 Centre Street

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V9R 4Z4

Office: 250-740-2300


Monday to Friday

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