Snuneymuxw First Nation
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Green Energy

From Snuneymuxw First Nation’s perspective, Green Energy is about harmonizing with nature, respecting our traditions, and securing a sustainable future for our communities.

It represents a responsible and holistic approach to energy that benefits both the present and future generations.

In line with this, Snuneymuxw has developed the following Community Sustainable Development Vision and Energy Goals:


Community Goals and Values:

  • To preserve the Snuneymuxw way of life.
  • To encourage community growth on all lands.
  • To enable return of community members back to homes on Snuneymuxw reserve lands.
  • To promote self-sufficiency.
  • To develop employment opportunities for youth.
  • To preserve and improve the local and global environment.
  • To increase job and local economic opportunities.
  • To bring the community closer together through teamwork.
  • To raise the overall Snuneymuxw standard of living.

Community Energy Objectives:

  • To generate renewable energy, where financially sensible, to offset community use.
  • To create economic development and jobs in renewable energy construction and installation.
  • To increase energy efficiency and reduce energy use in financially sensible ways.
  • To focus energy efficiency and retrofit projects of SFN owned buildings.
  • To implement net zero GHG facilities for future developments where financially sensible.
  • To set achievable targets to reduce annual community energy consumption.
  • To set achievable targets to reduce annual community GHG emissions.
  • To progress climate adaptation to protect the community from impacts of climate change, such as fires, droughts, extreme temperatures, and/or from sea-level rise.