Snuneymuxw First Nation
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Green Energy Community Involvement

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For Snuneymuxw First Nation, green energy projects are all about using renewable and eco-friendly sources of energy. They try to make energy production kinder to the environment, fight climate change, and keep things sustainable for the long term.


Solar power is when we use special panels to catch the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity. It’s a way to help us rely less on polluting fuels.

Wind power is when we use big machines called turbines to catch the wind’s power and make clean energy.

Hydroelectric Power uses flowing water from rivers and streams.

Biomass Energy uses organic materials like wood and plants to produce energy. It respects sustainable forestry and agriculture.

Green energy projects are vital for Snuneymuxw First Nation to demonstrate Environmental Respect, Cultural Preservation, Economic Opportunities, Energy Independence, and Sustainability for Future Generations.

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