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The Snuneymuxw are a vibrant First Nation of the Coast Salish People, located in the centre of Coast Salish territory on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and the Fraser River in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Snuneymuxw territory encompasses one of the most productive and resource rich areas at the heart of the Salish Sea.

The responsibility of stewardship over such productive lands has raised up generations of hard working People. The Snuneymuxw are engaged politically, socially, and economically, as we seek to develop common pathways to prosperity in the region respectful of our enduring connection to our territories.

The Snuneymuxw First Nation is one of the largest Nations in B.C. with a population of over 1,700 people. We are one of the few Nations that have a pre-Confederation treaty with the Crown – the Treaty of 1854. Unfortunately, it has been systematically undermined, ignored and dishonoured by the Crown and as a result we currently live on the smallest reserve land base per capita of any First Nation in British Columbia.

In this context, the Snuneymuxw First Nation is striving to create opportunities to fulfill our potential as individuals, families, and as a Nation. The dynamics that guide our work can be found in the wisdom of our Elders, our Snawayalth (teachings), and the principled work ethic developed and refined through centuries of governing our Territory.

These facts are key aspects of our strength and opportunity.





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Snuneymuxw to Host Tribal Journeys

Snuneymuxw First Nation territory will be the destination for people taking part in Tribal Journeys 2020.


Thlap'Qwum Community Settlement Trust Updates

The Trustees of the Thlap’Qwum Trust are pleased to announce that we have our own menu item on the Snuneymuxw First Nation website!

Please click on the new Thlpa'Qwum Trust menu above and explore the new information.

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New Health Centre

Exciting News!

New Qwam Qwum Stuwixwulh School

The new school is almost completed!

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