Roots Program

The Roots worker assists with those children in Ministry of Children and Family Development care to reconnect with their Aboriginal Community, family and extended families.

Many of these children have no idea about their communities that they come from and some wonderful connections have been made with relatives of the kids in care.

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The objective of this department is the formation of cultural identity as it relates to ensuring that Aboriginal children are conscious of their histories, their families, and their roles amongst their people.

The Cultural Safety Agreement should be developed collaboratively between the child’s prospective adoptive parents, Aboriginal community, family, extended family, and significant others.


A representative from the child’s Aboriginal Community should be involved in the development of the Cultural Safety Agreement.  Ideally, this would be a member of the child’s extended family; however, it may also be another representative from the tribe.

Metis Child – Metis Commission for Children and Family Services of B.C. must be involved in all planning concerning Metis children.  The Metis Commissioner will involve other local Metis child and family services agency, this agency must be involved in planning.

Other agencies that may have to be involved if Band is not able to.  Such as Friendship Centers or Metis organization.


Important: Time Frames are provided. 

Adoptive parents take the child to visit their aboriginal community within the first two years of the adoption. Or photos of the child will be sent to the child’s mother four times per year. Beginning of school, Christmas, birthday and summer.

The child needs to integrate with their cultural heritage into their family home and way of life.

The child needs to be involved with family and aboriginal community.

The child needs to maintain a relationship with birth parents, siblings or extended family.

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