Snuneymuxw First Nation acquires woodlots each year for members to harvest wood for personal use and for SFN Longhouse ceremonial use.


These lots are acquired through commercial companies at no charge and require authorized access and personal safety gear.


SFN members are notified each year of the changing locations and harvest times.

Updated: December 2016

Fire Wood Lot Is Now Open

A wood lot has been acquired for Snuneymuxw members.

Wood is available at the SFN Longhouse for cutting. This wood is not seasoned and will be able to burn next season. Another lot is available located on Nanaimo River Road.

If you are interested in cutting fire wood or Longhouse wood please contact Chris at the SFN office at 250-740-2330 or 250-716-6004 for maps and permits.

The wood lot will be open Monday—Friday 8:00 am to 4:00pm. 

There are special conditions to be able to cut wood - all cutters must have the appropriate safety gear such as: safety pants (chaps), glasses, ear protection and boots.


Windfalls are not permitted to be cut.


Please download the notice below or contact the office for more information.