Wild Animal Sightings

What do you do if you see a wild animal in your neighbourhood?

Remain calm and do not approach the animal.

Avoid direct eye contact.  Move away without running. 

Bring children and pets inside until the animal has left.

Some animals will often prey on house cats that are allowed to roam freely.

If you are cornered by the animal, make lots of noise and try To look BIGGER!

If attacked fight back.

Do not leave food sources, hanging carcasses, garbage, etc. available to attract wild animals.


Any wild animal sightings, such as bear, cougar or other destructive animal should be reported immediately to 1 877 952 7277 and you can call the SFN office at 250 667 2746.

If you or others are at risk or threatened, please call 911 immediately.


Reported sightings help make the community a safer place!


A printable notice flyer can be downloaded below.