Snuneymuxw Literacy Group

We would like to invite children who are between the ages of 3-5 and their parents to come and join us for a 5 week literacy group held periodically through the Early Childhood Program.


How your child will benefit from the group:

We will read a new book each week. The story will be read three times throughout the group but re-told in a variety of ways to encourage participation, imagination and memory skills.

Children will be able to interact with and learn from their peers.

Your child will gain confidence in their ability to remember events in the story, learn basic colours, counting, sequencing, and turn taking.

Children will learn to sit and participate in circle time and share ideas with friends.

All of these skills will help get them ready for school.


How parents will benefit from the group:

Parents will learn new ways to re-tell stories to their children making it fun and interactive.

Through the activities you bring home, you will be a huge part in your child’s learning. You will help your child learn their colours, counting skills, scissor skills, gluing, mazes, letters of the alphabet, and so much more.

You will help your child gain confidence and be excited to learn new skills. This will be a huge stepping stone and put them ahead of the game before they begin school.

It is so important for parents to be involved their child’s learning. Parent’s will learn valuable skills to help keep up their child’s interest in reading, learn new ways to present information to their children and will give parents the confidence to continue these strategies  throughout their child’s school years.


How the group will run:

The literacy group will begin at 4:30 on Thursday evening, please be on time.

We will focus on one story per week and do an activity based on that story.

Parts of the story will be re-told in Hulquminum.

We will have a snack half-way through the group to let kids stretch and recharge.

At the end of each group your child will be able to take home the book we read and a number of activities that correspond to the story.

The activities that you will take home are designed to encourage that interaction between you and your child and we encourage you to re-read these stories and ask your child questions about what they have learned. It is an opportunity to bond with your child, teach reading skills, and show children how fun reading can be.

Please no cell phones during group.

Enjoy this time with your child!


Importance of reading to your child

The best thing you do to ensure that your child will grow up reading well and loving to read is to read to them every day. Just think of all the new words children hear from books!

Reading aloud also creates a special time for parents to bond with their children. By cuddling together for a bedtime story, you'll be helping your children develop a lifelong appreciation for reading. Children often want to hear the same story over and over. Just as adults may need to hear something more than once to remember or understand, children are the same way. Repeated readings can turn a child into an expert on a particular book. The child feels good about him/herself and connects that good feeling with reading.

Some things to think about when reading to your child:

Try to turn off all distractions, like the radio or TV, try to find a quiet spot to read.

Try to ask your child questions about the story and pictures, what was their favourite part and why. Get your child to ask you questions about the book.

Older children enjoy reading aloud, too. They can read their favorite parts or you can take turns reading chapter books.

Reading enables children to pick up words quickly, improves their understanding, and exercises their brain.

Reading to your child everyday will increase their language skills and vocabulary. Singing the alphabet, reading nursery rhymes and talking about the things you see around you will help your child develop vital skills for language.

It is never too late to get your child interested in reading!

Never stop singing, talking, and reading to your child!


Contact the Health Centre or Daycare for the next session.