Sexual Assault Counselling

If you have been sexually assaulted there is help for you here in Snuneymuxw!

As members of Snuneymuxw First Nation you have full access to the trauma counselors available at the Health Center. Here is what would happen if you called us about being sexually assaulted:

First, we would respond immediately by taking you to emergency at the hospital. Emotional trauma support would be given throughout this time.

Next, we would inform the hospital staff that we require a Forensic Nurse Examiner who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Even without us you can access this service just let them know at emergency that you need a Forensic Nurse Examiner.

They would provide:

Health care for physical injuries and medications to help prevent sexually transmitted infections and more.

As well they would collect forensic samples which would be given directly to the RCMP SHOULD YOU CHOSE TO REPORT THE INCIDENT
If you do not wish to proceed with a report to the RCMP them the samples can be stored for up to one year if you are undecided about reporting the incident



The types of people that come to us have experienced child abuse, child assault or maltreatment, sexual assault, dating violence, drug facilitated sexual assault, domestic violence, interpersonal violence, human trafficking, exploitation, and extortion, even elder abuse. We provide services for all genders.

As professionally trained therapists, we would ensure support for you throughout the entire process and begin helping you to deal with the trauma of the experience. Phillis Scott has over 30 years’ experience working with trauma and Chris Leischner as been involved with sexual abuse and violence specifically since 1980, 37 years in the field. They have both worked in First Nation Communities for over 30 years and know the issues of sexual abuse and the secrecy and silence that is maintained by community members.

In the Mental Health Dept. we respect people’s right to silence however we also work hard to ensure healing when people are ready to come forward and deal with their trauma. If a person chooses to come forward, we would develop a support plan and not re-traumatize the person, instead we would ensure their healing in a safe, supported and trusting environment. If you want to talk about something that has happened to you even 50 years ago, it is never to late to heal from the pain of abuse.


If you decide not to use our services,

other services are available.

Contact Kuu-us Crisis Line24 hours a day 7 days a week.


This is a First Nation initiated service that will link you to community resources and will monitor your progress and stay connected to you. We will soon have a Protocol agreement in place with this Crisis Line to stay better connected to our members who are in other communities.

call the Sexual Assault Center’s Crisis line at 1-250-383-3232 (Victoria)

or the Vancouver Island Crisis Line at 1-888-494-3888