Safety First

We all need to protect our community, so we ask that you help by reporting a break-in and/or suspicious behavior as soon as possible when it’s noticed.

If a crime is in progress – STOP and call 911


Please call:

RCMP: 250-754-2345

Cedar House Police Station: 250-722-3486

Harbour Front Community Police Office: 250-753-3777

Nanaimo Marine Detachment: 250-751-8845

WHERE is the incident happening?

WHAT is happening?

WHO is involved?

Are there any WEAPONS involved?

Are ALCOHOL or DRUGS involved?

CALLER information

It is very important for the police dispatcher to gather these details so the right people can be located, assisted, and contacted; HOWEVER, the person you are calling about WILL NEVER need to know it was you who called police.


You Can Call 911 and RCMP 24 Hrs/Day, 7 Days/Week


Keep your vehicles locked!
Transients take advantage of unlocked vehicles for places to sleep - please keep your car locked!


Have you had something stolen?

Through the CPIC website, the public can search for themselves to see if items may be reported stolen.


·  Search Vehicles by VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

·  Search Vehicles by Licence Plate

·  Search Property by Serial Number

·  Search Boats by Name, Hull Identification Number, Licence Number, Registration Number

·  Search Boat Motors by Serial Number and Type

·  Search Bicycles by Serial Number

·  Search Firearms by Serial Number