Mould Renovation Process

Please follow the process below to request a home renovation regarding mould:


  1. Resident / homeowner to inform The SFN Housing Department of the mould issue in the home
  2. SFN Housing will review the tenant/home history to see if the home is eligible to apply for AANDC funding for Mould/Renovations
  3. SFN Housing will get the home assessed by Health Canada. In order to qualify for AANDC Mould funding there must be more than 10 square feet of mould in the home. (it must be in the Health Canada report)
  4. Based on the Health Canada report, SFN Housing will bring in the code compliant inspector to create a scope of work for the mould funding application
  5. The funding application requires a qualified contractor estimate for the funding application. SFN housing will get a minimum of 2 estimates. SFN Housing will ensure that contractors are qualified to work with mould.
  6. SFN housing will choose the appropriate bid for the application. After all documentation is gathered, SFN Housing will make a submission to AANDC for funding a Mould project.
  7. SFN Housing will continue to monitor the application and check in with AANDC on a continuous basis until the submission has been approved or not approved.


Other homes that are in the same situation but do not qualify for mould funding applications are looked at based upon Health & Safety priority. SFN Housing & Capital block funding budgets are used for those homes that are classified in a “Can Not Wait” status. SFN Housing collaborates with SFN Health, Health Canada and the Building Inspector to determine “Can Not Wait” status.