Living in an area where we rarely see childhood diseases it is hard to imagine what the effect is on our children or on an adult should they get sick with one of these preventable and often devastating diseases.

Without protection from a vaccination, a person can become very ill from the measles virus including having an infection around the brain, convulsions, and possibly lose their life. 

The measles virus is spread in the air or with direct contact with someone who has the measles.  It is highly contagious.  Meaning it spreads very easily from one person to another.

Once exposed to someone who has the measles, it takes about 10 days for the onset of the measles to occur.  The first sign is usually a high fever-up to 40°C followed by a red rash that starts on the face and hairline and then spreads from head to feet.

After 3-4 days the red rash disappears leaving a brownish coloring to the skin.

Children: Often the unimmunized child who has had exposure to someone with measles will have a runny nose, cough, and an inflammation and infection to the eyes.  This in combination with a fever, and extreme tiredness are symptoms that should alert you to the possibility of measles.

Elders:  Those born before 1957 or remember having had measles you do not require an immunization.

Persons born between 1970 and 1957 are likely immune to measles-meaning you cannot get it.  But if you cannot remember if you have had the measles then receiving a vaccination is safe and recommended.

Persons born 1970 and 1994 are recommended to have 1 dose of measles vaccination. 

Vaccinations are safe and effective in the prevention of many diseases-be a part of the solution to stopping measles! 

If you or your child has not had their shots or if you do not know if you are up to date please phone the Community Health Nurse 250-740-2337250-740-2337 to make an appointment. 


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