The following infrastructure maintenance program is in place:

Please see the Maintenance schedule below for additional detail.

1. Septic Tank Pump-Out Program

- Annual septic tank pump-outs and field checks

- Any compromised tanks / fields will be prioritized and repaired / replaced

2. Road-works

- Regular servicing / grading of Clifford, Longhouse and gravel road off of Raines completed on a semi-annual basis

- Regular brush-cutting along roadways completed on a semi-annual basis

- Regular ditch cleaning completed on a semi-annual basis

- Signs inspected / cleaned / replaced on a semi-annual basis

- School bus shelter at IR 4 inspected semi-annually

- Black-top inspected and repaired / patched each fiscal year

- Road-markings inspected and re-marked where required each fiscal year

- Other road- works documented and prioritized according to capital block budgets (example: curbing around administration building parking lot)

3. Tree-works

- Compromised / unhealthy trees assessed and cut-down as part of regular maintenance program

- Tree pruning conducted where Hydro lines may be compromised (the service lines on private properties) – Hydro does this on an annual basis along road-ways

- Trees / brush cut-down where street signs cannot be seen

4. Water / Waste-water service works

- Regular water and waste-water line servicing conducted by pipe-eye video (their servicing agreement is reviewed each fiscal year)

- Lift-stations serviced by Pipe-Eye Video (servicing agreement is reviewed each year)

- Lift –stations serviced by Houle Electric and Duncan Electric per their specific servicing agreements (Each company looks after specific electrical related components) – servicing agreements are reviewed each fiscal year

- Isolation valves are exercised by SFN maintenance staff and these locations are being noted / updated and archived by the SFN mapping dept. (Kelly Poulin) so when sewer / water lines need to be located and shut-off, maintenance staff can quickly find the location.

5. Storm-system service works

- Storm systems cleaned per servicing agreement with pipe-eye video (servicing agreement is reviewed each fiscal year

6. ROW Inspections

- Maintenance staff conducts semi-annual ROW inspections to ensure that CP Landowners are not building on top of the ROW and / or blocking access

7. Fire Protection

- Maintenance staff coordinates with Island Fire Protection a fire drill for the administration building each month. During this time, extinguishers are inspected, emergency lighting, fire doors etc. per the checklist provided by Island Fire Protection

- The community kitchen is inspected on an annual basis and the fire suppression equipment is tested

- SFN coordinates training with the elementary school and City of Nanaimo Fire department each year

- Semi-annual hydrant flushing / hydrant inspections are conducted in coordination with City of Nanaimo / North Cedar Improvement District Staff

8. Heating Oil Tanks

- SFN maintenance staff conducts semi-annual inspections of heating oil tanks – per the servicing sheet checklist

9. Cistern Tanks (Gordon Road Residents)

- The tanks for trucked water are inspected by SFN maintenance staff on a semi-annual basis

10. Water Meter Inspections

- water meters for the City of Nanaimo and North Cedar Improvement District are inspected by maintenance staff for any leaks and / or other anomalies that may have the potential to increase costs to SFN

11. SFN Owned Buildings – Building Maintenance

- SFN buildings / structures have maintenance conducted monthly / bi-monthly / quarterly etc. and according to season.

Example – prior to the heating season SFN Housing had homes with duct-work cleaned (forced-air heating) and dryer vents cleaned / assessed.

12. SFN Waste Collection

- SFN waste collection staff pick-up both recycling and solid waste on a weekly basis

- Staff has been directed to work with SFN members who wish to dispose of items that they cannot dispose of by themselves (appliances / couches – other large clutter that contributes to rodent infestation). An agreement is then written-up between the member and SFN; the member is expected to pay for the disposal fees.

13. Pest Control

- SFN has a pest control agreement with Orkin Pest Control Services. This agreement is reviewed each fiscal year

14. Individual water meter readings will now be taken at IR 2 for each resident

15. Increased hydrant flushing's on both Cedar and Clifford Roads.Herold Engineering Ltd. will be providing SFN maintenance staff with a new maintenance schedule for hydrant flushing at IR 2

16. Fire hydrant "tear-down" maintenance training / plan being coordinated with AANDC circuit rider / SFN member Willard Brown and City of Nanaimo waterworks staff. Flushing program being coordinated with City also.

17. Administration recently coordinated hydrant tear-down's with Waterworks supplier "Emco" - Emco representative Kerry Eisfeld and Mueller Canada representative Joel Sansome accompanied Russell Wesley and Willard Brown to hydrant across from ITHA for complete tear-down training procedure. Other Emco hydrant suppliers to be coordinated in near future – "Clow type hydrants to be torn-down next with Clow representative

18. Fire extinguisher training for SFN staff and WHIMIS training for staff