Housing Assessments

Each year, SFN Housing conducts assessments.


This applies to:

1) SFN owned Homes

2) Aboriginal and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) funding applications

3) Health and Safety for residents


The reason for these assessments:

  • Make sure housing files are kept current and up to date.
  • Provides the basis for future funding applications
  • Is a requirement of the funding agencies
  • Provides SFN housing with a database of information for future planning.


Garth Cameron, Building Inspector

SFN Housing has been utilizing the services of Garth Cameron, a Code Compliant Inspector / Fire Inspector. You may have already met Mr. Cameron for a housing related item. He will continue to work with the Housing Department consulting and assisting with the responsibilities below.

Mr. Cameron’s credentials:

  • Building Inspector/ Fire Inspector
  • BOABC # 2564
  • ACBOA # 1236A-BC
  • POABC # 284
  • WETT # 8126


The Building Inspector consults with SFN Housing on a variety of items:

  • Technical advice in support of the Capital Management process (CPMS)
  • The 5 year capital plan (FNIIP)
  • Municipal type service agreements
  • Maintenance Planning (SFN has a monthly maintenance plan that is followed)
  • Maintenance & housing budgeting
  • Progress / final inspections conforming to RRAP / AANDC / SFN contracts –      work-scopes,  the B.C. Building Code  - quality control
  • Educational programs on:
  • Mould prevention
  • Fire safety
  • Energy reduction planning
  • General household maintenance
  • CMHC Housing Compliance Assessments



You may be contacted in the near future by a Housing representative to set-up an appointment.


You may also be contacted regarding an educational mould program that SFN Housing has started to further inform residents on how mould grows inside a home and how you as a homeowner can prevent it.


SFN housing realizes these assessments can sometimes be quite invasive and untimely so we’d like to thank you for your continued cooperation!