Good Food Box

Ongoing orders can be placed each month. Payment is due on the FIRST Wednesday of each month and pick up is SECOND Wednesday of each month!  Call the Health Centre with any questions.


The once a month, $10 produce box helps you stretch your food dollar and feed your family better. Nanaimo Food Share buys fresh produce in bulk from wholesalers and local farmers to help you get more good food for less $$.

How Does it Work?

  • It's easy! Come into the Health Centre office on the first Wednesday of the month and pay $10.
  • We'll give you a receipt for your box.
  • On the second Wednesday of the month you come back and pick up your box contents or arrange for delivery
  • Once you get started, you can save a step by ordering next month's Food Box at pick up time.

When is it Available?

  • The 'Box' is put together on the second Wednesday of every month by a committed group of volunteers with Nanaimo Food Share

What's in it?

  • As much as possible Nanaimo Food Share likes to buy local produce in order to support our local farmers.
  • They also buy in bulk from produce suppliers.
  • They shop around to ensure the best deals.
  • If you were to buy the contents of the box yourself at the local grocery store you would likely pay double.
  • Nanaimo Food Share calculated that one box earlier this year had approximately 75 servings of fruits and vegetables. That amounts to two weeks worth of the Canada Food Guide Recommendations for an average adult.


Social Development will no longer be processing on behalf of SA clients to purchase monthly Good Food box.

Please pay Leslee Wyse directly at the Health Center if you wish to continue with the monthly Good Food box.
Sorry for any inconvenience.


For more information: and download the brochures below.