Garbage and Recycling

Garbage is picked up every Thursday Recycling is picked up every Wednesday

Garbage - Please put garbage waste in good regular garbage bags not in shopping bags.  Bags that break or fall apart may NOT be picked up.

Recycling - Please remember that ALL recyclables MUST be in a clear plastic bag or in a recycle bin. The Recycle Depot does not accept anything in a dark garbage bag. If it is noted that your recyclables are not in a clear plastic bag or bin, it may NOT be picked up.

Clear bags cannot be used for garbage.



Please DO NOT put out wood or wood products on road side for garbage pick-up - we do not pick up wood.


Please DO NOT put out your old electronics on road side for garbage pick-up - we do not pick up electronics.

Please remember that you can take your electronic recycling to any recycling depot for FREE!

· 839 Old Victoria Rd, Nanaimo

· 2477 Kenworth Rd, Nanaimo


PLEASE: Have your garbage and recycling out to road side no sooner than 5:00 am and no later than 8:00 am on the day of that service.

Please keep these ditches free of debris and garbage.

Please be aware that excessive debris accumulations could cause drainage issues for yards on the lower side of the tracks as well as provide additional havens for unwanted rodents.


What goes inside your recycling box / clear bag?

Plastic household containers including:

• Plastic beverage containers (may be returned for refund)

• Plastic condiment bottles – such as ketchup, relish, mayonnaise etc.

• Plastic cosmetic bottles – such as shampoo, hair rinses etc.

• Plastic dish soap / laundry soap

• Plastic food containers – such as margarine, yogurt, peanut butter etc.

• Plastic milk jugs • Plastic vitamin bottles, pill bottles, mouth wash etc.


- Containers are rinsed


– NO food or other residue

- NO foam plastic Styrofoam

- NO containers that held chlorine / bleach / ammonia – based products

- NO metal bottle lids or caps, spray nozzle heads and metal attachments

Household Paper including:

• Box board packaging (cereal, detergent soap boxes, shoe boxes etc.)

• Catalogs • Envelopes • Fiber egg cartons

• Magazines

• Office paper

• Paper bags

• Telephone directories



- NO hardcover books, soiled paper, drink boxes or paper with waxed coatings, plastic or foil lamination

- NO tissues, used paper towels, waxed paper, baking / parchment or soiled pizza boxes

Metal Containers:

• Food and beverage cans and lids

• Foil containers and trays


- CLEAN (NO food or other residue)

- Labels removed

- NO metal pots, plastic or paper laminated with foil such as chip bags or foil yogurt covers


What goes beside your Blue Bin / Recycling Bag?

• Cardboard – must be broken down, flattened and tied in a bundle – max. size is 30” x 30” x 8”

• NO – waxed, coated or non-corrugated boxes


Garbage and Warm Weather

Some tips to keep your garbage odours down:


  • Try placing your food waste into a separate plastic bag and store temporarily in your freezer. Then place at curbside the day off collection
  • Please – do not place your garbage at curbside on Monday when garbage isn’t picked up until Thursday.
  • Try and keep your garbage containers in the shade with lids tightly closed
  • Please – do not place loose garbage in a container – use garbage bags
  • Once in a while, place a little bleach in your garbage can and rinse it out with a hose


PLEASE: Have your garbage and recycling out to curbside no sooner than 5:00am and no later than 8:00 am on the day of that service.