Energy Saving Information

Simple things can make the difference!


Turning it off

- Turn lights off when not in use

- Unplug rechargeable electronic devices when not in use as they continue to consume energy

- Turn off computers, televisions and other electronic appliances when not in use


Turning it down

- Turning the heat down by just 2 degrees can reduce your home heating costs by approximately 5%

- Turn the heat down at night or when you are away from your home during the day


Energy Tid-Bit:


Most people’s hydro bills break down like this:


Hot water heating – 22% (showering, washing clothes)


Space heating – 60% (forced air heat, baseboard heat)


Lighting – 5%


Appliances – 13%


Based on the approximate percentages mentioned – if your bi-monthly hydro bill is $400.00 then you may be paying the following:


Hot water heating - $88.00


Space heating - $240.00


Lighting - $20.00


Appliances - $52.00


For those of you who have electric baseboard heat:


The biggest advantage of electric baseboard heaters is that you can control them room by room versus a central heating system (forced air)


The key to electric baseboard heating is air-flow; anything blocking the heater will result in a decrease in efficiency. Keep furniture, drapes, clothes, toys etc. away from the baseboard to increase efficiency and eliminate potential fire hazards


Vacuum your baseboard heaters in the early fall, just before turning them on again for the colder winter months. Dust and dirt can cause a significant increase in energy usage


The main advantage of electric heat over natural gas heat is that it's very easy to heat a small space in a large house, without heating the whole house.

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