Cold Weather Checklist

1) Use electric portable heaters only in the room you are occupying and NEVER leave them unattended. Tip: Electric portable heaters are normally 1500 watts. If a heater operates continuously this could increase your bill as much as 70% or an additional $75.00 to $85.00 dollars per month.

2) When you close your blinds, do not close them tightly and do not drop the blinds all the way to the bottom of the window liner; leave the blinds up slightly to allow for air-flow. For curtains or drapes, leave the curtains or drapes up slightly to allow for air-flow. In the winter, windows will naturally condensate – take the time to dry each and every window frame or leave windows open slightly to allow for additional air-flow.

3) Turn it off - Turn lights off when not in use, unplug rechargeable electronic devices when not in use and urn off computers, televisions and other electronic appliances when not in use.

4) Turn it down - Turn the heat down at night or when you are away from your home during the day.

5) Disconnect hoses from your exterior tap(s) as very cold weather can sometimes cause the hose pipe to burst inside the wall.

6) During a shower, leave the bath fan on, until all “fog on your bath mirror” has disappeared – this will help in preventing moisture related issues. If your bath fan does not seem to be getting rid of the “fog on your bath mirror” then it probably needs to be cleaned – you can either vacuum the outside with an upholstery brush or use a duster to clear the openings.

7) Make sure the smoke alarm that is located directly outside your bathroom door is in working order.