CMHC Social Housing Program

Provides suitable homes for SFN Members as housing allocations become available.

If you are interested in a housing rental on reserve, please fill out the two forms below and bring into the SFN Administration Office to reception.

Please update your housing applications at least once per year.

You should also be updating if your contact information has changed.

More information:

Energy Audits

Last year SFN completed an Energy Plan and applied for funding to cover the cost of Energy Audits for every reservation rental home. These Energy Audits are tools to help plan for better energy efficiency.  Please contact Anna Wyse at 250-740-2300 to book an appointment for a home audit. We are now offering 3 incentive prizes. If you have already completed your Audit, your name will be included in the Draw for a chance to win one of 3 - $500 Woodgrove gift cards.

Draw date: April 7, 2017.

Gimme Shelter

SFN has been offering 2-3 day courses for students to learn about the responsibilities of renting a home. Our next session will be the week of February 21, 2017. All students will be entered to win a daily small prize draw. Students who graduate the course will receive a certificate and will be entered in a draw for $100.

Please call Anna Wyse at 250-740-2300 to register for the February 21st course.

Housing Regular Maintenance

The maintenance team have been working hard at changing furnace filters and cleaning dryer vents and HRV filters for our social housing units.

Please contact Timara White at 250-740-2300 if this maintenance has not been done for your CMHC social housing unit.