Top 10 news stories of 2014

Mon. Jan. 5/15

How Snunweymuxw First Nation made the news this year...

2. New mayor elected

Bill McKay, who won seat as a city councillor in Nanaimo in 2011, was triumphant in this year's mayoral race. McKay handily unseated John Ruttan and also staved off eight other contenders for the top job.

The election also reset the political balance on council. Incumbents Diane Brennan, Jim Kipp and Bill Bestwick were returned by the electorate, but five of the nine seats on council went to newcomers. Former Snuneymuxw First Nation councillor Bill Yoachim became the first SFN member to win a seat at city council. Also elected were former Nanaimo Hospice executive director Wendy Pratt, retired teacher Ian Thorpe, community and social advocate Gord Fuller and downtown business owner Jerry Hong.


Honourable mentions

Several other stories also stood out in 2014.

John Wesley returned as Snuneymuxw First Nation chief.


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