Applications and personal information forms are available at the Housing Department offices or online website. They may be picked up, mailed out or downloaded as a PDF file online.

2. Supporting documentation:

  • Application – paper and PDF file
  • Personal information form – paper and PDF file


3. The Applicant will fill out the application and personal information forms in INK. Any changes or corrections must be initialed by the Applicant. The Applicant must initial the bottom of each page of both forms. The Applicant and spouse must sign and date the last page of both forms.

4. Completed applications will be dated-stamped upon receipt by Housing. The Housing Officer will review the application and personal information forms and initial the bottom of each page and sign the last pages.

5. Any incomplete application and personal information form will be returned to the Applicant and will not be entered into the system.

6. A copy of the date-stamped application will be returned to the Applicant.

7. Upon receipt and review of an application, the Housing Department will verify the Applicant’s eligibility.

8. Upon verification of eligibility, the Housing Department will add the Applicant to the appropriate housing wait-list as at the date-stamped time.

9. If the Applicant is determined to be ineligible, their application will be declined and they will be notified in writing with the reasons. An Applicant may appeal their declined application.

10. Once an application has been added to the system, it is the responsibility of the Applicant to notify the Housing Department of any changes to their circumstances that should be reflected on their application.

11. An Applicant who wishes to be moved from one housing wait-list category to another must notify the Housing Department in writing.

12. Upon notification of the changes, Housing will amend the application. The Applicant and the Housing Officer will countersign the amended area. The Applicant will receive a copy of the amended application.

13. Applications must be renewed annually. One month prior to an applications expiry date, the Housing Department will notify the Applicant and request that they renew their application.

14. One month’s leeway is granted. Any application over 13 months old is void.