An Update from your Community Safety Committee

Apr. 8/16

Community Safety Committee Report


This is a report of our activities as a Community Safety Committee within the last 3 ½ weeks.

Meetings of Committee

1st meeting - March 17, 2016 Health Kitchen

2nd meeting - March 24, 2016            Health Kitchen

3rd meeting - April 3, 2016    Council Chambers

Next meeting – April 18th, 2016

On March 9, 2016, a community meeting was held by the Health Department regarding Community Safety & Justice. The meeting was attended by about 60 community members. The Health Team contracted Annie Thuveson to help facilitate the meeting. We chose Annie because community members are familiar with her and familiar with the Justice work she did with Snuneymuxw previously.

One specific outcome of this meeting, which the majority of those in attendance agreed upon, was the need to re-establish a committee to address issues of safety and to re-initiate the work of the previous community justice committee. An inspiring moment of this meeting was the number of Snuneymuxw members that volunteered to help start this committee.


Committee Members

Sandra Good, Acting Executive Director

Charles Nelson, Health Administrator

Nancy Seward, Education Coordinator

Jack Wyse, Elder

Yvonne Rigsby-Jones, Elder

Gary Manson, Elder

Gayle White, Elder

Leslee Wyse, CHR

Chris Leischner, Mental Health

Karen Ahenakew, Social Development

Anastacia Wyse, Community Member

Charlene Paul, Community Member

Gary Simpson, Community Member

Wanda Good, Kwumut Lelum

Vivian Seward, Kwumut Lelum

Valerie White, School District 68

Tricia Pantel, Native Court Worker

Jindy Manj, RCMP

Doug White II, Council Member

Doug White III, Council Member

Kate Good, Council Member

Erralyn Thomas, Council Member

This is a list of members who have attended one or more of our meetings to date.

Additional member from John Howard Society is being sought.


Please download the full information sheet and supporting documents below.