Snuneymuxw People Open New Gas Station in Snuneymuxw Territory

Nov. 6/20

Snuneymuxw First Nation held the grand opening on November 6, 2020 for the Snuneymuxw Gas Bar located in Snuneymuxw Territory near the Duke Point ferry terminal. The gas station offers regular and diesel fuel, tobacco, confectionary merchandise and motor lubricants.

Chief Mike Wyse shares that "our People put forward this as a community priority over 30 years ago and Snuneymuxw Council are honourd to bring this priority to life. I want to thank our Elders, community, staff, and advisors for working with us. I also want to recognize Ian Simpson, CEO for Petroglyph Development Group, for his leadership to move this project forward with Council. Just two years ago at a Snuneymuxw community meeting, 98% of Snuneymuxw citizens in attendance voted in favor of this project, reconfirming the decades long community commitment. It is my honour to work with everyone and we are proud that the gas station creates 5-10 jobs for our people so that they can support their families, reduces the cost of living and helps to build the Snuneymuxw economy."

Snuneymuxw and the Crown entered the Treaty of 1854, constitutional solemn promises to forever and always protect Snuneymuxw villages, enclosed fields, harvesting and fishing sites, and the right to hunt and fisheries as formerly. Moving beyond the 165 year history of Crown denial for Snuneymuxw rights is a top priorty of the Nation. Recently, Snuneymuxw signed two agreements with British Columbia and one with Canada in the Summer of 2019 that implement the Treaty of 1854, and return villages to the Nation. The grand opening of the gas bar is another step to advance economic reconciliation and implement Snuneymuxw authority to determine its own future.

"I am proud of the community patience and trust to get us here today" said Chief Wyse. "The future is bright, and we can accomplish anything we put our minds to."


Media Contacts:

Erralyn Joseph

Snuneymuxw First Nation



Ian Simpson

CEO, Petroglyph Development Group