SFN Daycare Update

Feb. 22/18

February 9, 2018 marked the last day of work for the SFN Daycare Manager, Beckie Wesley. After 14 ½ years, mostly in the position as manager, Beckie worked tirelessly for the families and kids of SFN with her knowledge, dedication and professionalism. We will miss her.

Eleanor Manson, also a Daycare veteran, is filling the position of Daycare Manager on an interim basis. We will keep you posted as to any further changes.

Thank you to Beckie for all of her time here and thank you for Eleanor for agreeing to step in.

Of interest to all of us is that a recent review of the Daycare was conducted by external facilitators who travel throughout BC observing all the Aboriginal Head Start programs in the province. The review team stated that the SFN Daycare is rated in the top five in BC and has one of the best centres for outdoor play environment they have seen in BC.

This excellent review does not come by accident and is directly due to the expertise and commitment of the Day Care leadership and all the staff.

Thank you to them for everything that they do.