New Qwam Qwum Stuwixwulh School Updates

Mar. 6/18

March 2018

The contractor (Kinetic Construction) for the new school will begin to mobilize equipment at the end of Stuywut Street and Gordon Road. You will see trucks and excavators in the area and construction fencing being erected.

Stay tuned for further updates!



At 1390 Stuywut Street. We will be sending out more detailed information to the community, parents, students and staff. (So please mark your calendars for this amazing day!)


Good News!

The Project funding has officially been approved by INAC.  This means the project is now out for tender and we expect to award a contract in February.   We will be sure the update the community with the results.


Exciting News!  Progress on the New Qwam Qwum Stuwixwulh School continues. 

The Project team has been meeting for over a year to finalize a design that will meet the needs of the SFN community and students. The new school will be over 18,000 square feet and will include seven classrooms, two project rooms, a library, language room, Elders room and a multi-use/gymnasium space.  There will be a food preparation area to accommodate the meal program with a common dining room. The design also includes over 2500 square feet of covered outdoor space, allowing the students sheltered play during rainy months.

The final project approval request is currently being review by INAC and we expect to tender the project out to construction bidders in November. We look forward to sharing updates as we receive the results from the tender and can move forward into construction.

Watch for more updates coming soon!