Harvest Prohibition For All Bivalve Shellfish

May. 20/16

Effected Area: the portion of Subarea 17-6 west of a line from a point starting at the boundary line for Subarea 17-8 on Penelakut (Kuper) Island at 48 deg 56.057 N latitude and 123 deg 37.877 W longitude, then heading in a straight line south-west and ending at a point 48 deg 55.017 N latitude, 123 deg 38.483 W longitude on the Subarea boundary line between Subareas 17-6 and 17-9.

This closure is due to a rapid rise in toxin levels in adjacent areas. The next planned sample cannot be obtained and/or analysed within a reasonable time frame to ensure consumer safety.

More information: www.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca

Download map below.