Community Building Project - Grand Opening

Sep. 23/16


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There has been much anticipation for the brand new Snuneymuxw Facility to open.  We would like to thank everyone for their patience, and we ensure you that our Leadership Team is working very hard to make this happen sooner rather than later. 

Along with the many tasks we are completing, we have created a Program Survey for the new facility. This survey is for anyone who is 12 years and older who is interested in participating in any of the activities offered at the facility. 

The survey will help determine which types of programs and services that the community would like to see in their facility. 
For all those who participate in the survey, your name will be entered into a draw to win a 16GB iPod Nano. 

Please share this survey with all your friends, family and peers, so we can get the most input from the community! We are here for you, and your input is very important to us! 

Please note this survey is an electronic only survey and will be accessible on any device.

Thank you

Mariah Robinson
Manager, Snuneymuxw Recreation Centre 
250-619-3024 || ||


Update on the SFN Multi-Use Building

Snuneymuxw First Nation has constructed a beautiful multi-use / gymnasium building that is substantially completed but not yet open to members of the community.   There are significant and minor things that must be completed, prior to using the new facility that will assist in reducing liability for the Nation, and ensure the facility is fully operational and running properly for the community.

Before opening the doors:

Facility shortcomings must be dealt with to protect this significant investment

Appropriate staffing needs to be in place

Policies, procedures and training of staff to allow for safe operation of the facility needs to occur

On-going analysis of equipment to identify possible operation, installation, and performance issues (building commissioning)


Light switches buried and flush to the wall; fire extinguishers re-located.

Opening into the kitchen fixed: shelf flush to the wall; safety barrier installed.

Padding installed directly behind the backboards, including the door behind the backboard leading into the kitchen.

Padding installed on the north and south walls

For volleyball, bleachers to be in the ‘In’ position, and padding placed/installed on the bleachers.

Protective matting to be purchased for the total gymnasium floor area.

Equipment to be purchased for the gymnasium; basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, badminton rackets, nets, felt-tipped ringette sticks etc. and containers for equipment.

Fitness Room

Water cooler to be installed.

Emergency phone to be installed.

Equipment cleaning solution and wipes to be made available.

Mirrors installed on selected walls.

Protective metal wall cladding where free-weights are located to be installed

All fitness equipment to be tested prior to regular use


Staffing; Policies and Procedures

Appropriate staffing in place before facility opens

Staff trained in key safety related areas before building opens.

Key safety-related policies and procedures (e.g. Emergency Response Plan) be developed and implemented before facility opens.

An AED located in accessible location on ground floor; First Aid Kits placed in appropriate location(s) in the building.

While the construction is complete, it is important to note that the building itself is just a “shell” with no equipment or supplies for it to be operational at this time.  The details listed above need to be done in order to have it operational.  It is also important to note that there is still a significant number of items not listed above that needs further discussion with consultants, contractors and vendors for eventual installation or supply to the new building.

The SFN staff is working hard to implement the items listed and we expect to have the MUB open early in the New year.




Main Building

Kitchen equipment installed.

Mezzanine railing and windows installed.

2nd floor office lights and ductwork installed

Gym bleachers installed.

Electrical & Mechanical finishes installed.

Final paint finished

Exterior metal siding complete

Landscaping temp irrigation and plants installed.

General store

Framed door openings

Rough-in complete to the exterior walls

General store drywall complete



Sidewalks formed and poured.

Entry cedar installation started

Gym floor subfloor installed.

Resilient flooring has been installed in the bathrooms and change rooms.

Spray insulation has been applied to the parkade.

Interior painting is ongoing

Benches, shelving, vanities and trophy case being installed.




Cedar siding installed for the soffits and the wall cladding.

Lighting, sprinklers and ducting installed to the washrooms and change rooms.

Gym acoustic panels installation underway.

Exterior gym painting underway.

Parkade and maintenance room lighting underway

Gym cladding wood frame support almost complete.

Kitchen drywall and range hood has been installed.



· Plumbing rough in complete and water tested

· Sprinkler complete and water tested

· Office exterior walls insulated

· First floor shear walls insulated and sheathed

· Kitchen exterior wall furred out to meet snow load requirements

· Kitchen gym wall framed

· HVac curbs x9 installed/framed with openings framed

· Poured chair lift slab

· Alarm rough in

· Exterior tilt panel caulking now completed

· Second floor walls & ceiling have now been insulated

· Main floor exterior walls have now been insulated

· Gym duct work is being installed.

· Front entrance dropped ceiling & bulkhead framed.

· Electrical rough-in on going for the front entrance & kitchen.

· Electrical and mechanical room rough-in has started.

· How water tanks on site.




A few SFN Council members and staff visited the new building site last week to get an up close view of the progress.  Everyone is excited at the progress and is looking forward to the project completion!


Front entry roof framed & sheathed

Kitchen roof framed & sheathed

Caulking of the pre-cast wall panels underway

Back framing has started in the main building

Gym roof parapet framed

Gym roof cap sheet applied

Frames installed for the 2nd floor office and exterior windows for the mezzanine.




· General store roof finished framing.

· General store Cedar logs installed

· General store hidden gutter framed.

· Second floor office roof was water proofed.

· Window frames have been installed.

· Back framing has begun.

· Suspended Slab shoring was removed

· Gym roof insulated and water proofed.

· Electrical rough-in in the gym.

· Sprinklers installed in the gym

· Kitchen wall layout and framing has begun.




· Phase 4 of the tilt panels has been installed. Tilt panel installation is now complete.

· Base of the tilt walls has been grouted.

· Completed installation of the OWSJ & decking.  This diaphragm will now support the tilt panels and temporary braces can be removed.

· Framing of the redesigned roof – SSI-11, SSI-16 & SSI-17.

· Rough in of the building plumbing on going.

· Rough in of the building sprinkler on going.

· Blue skin prep to the windows.

· Test holes dug in the parkade, holes did have ground water, despite very little rain over the last month.



Second floor framing exterior walls complete

Second floor framing exterior walls complete

Floor sheathing complete

East overhang framed

Stair well framed

Stairs framed

Suspended slab forming complete

Suspended slab rebar 50%

Suspended slab plumbing rough-in complete

Suspended slab electrical rough in complete

Tilt wield connection fixed by Sure span

Plumbing rough in first floor



Main floor framing ongoing.

Exterior sheathing of walls.

Started suspended slab above the service rooms.

Steel beam installed for the main floor.

Main floor joists started.

Water main tested.

Sanitary tied in to CB.

Cemetery road upgraded.



The walls are going up!

A milestone was reached this week in the progress of the community building: the big walls for the gymnasium went up with the help of a crane and the large construction crew!

Some kids came down from the school to watch the process and were very excited.

Councillor Paul Wyse-Seward came over to the site to watch the action. He leads the Snuneymuxw singers and dancers group that will be using the new gym to practice.



More progress on the building!

In mid-November, our team made great progress on the building. The layout for the lower walls is in place and the parkade walls are being formed. The site has been dug to the correct levels and is being filled with rocks to get it ready for construction.



Things are progressing well with the construction of the new community building.

So far the foreshore work is completed and the armouring of the foreshore to protect it from erosion was completed last month.


More Updates:

Gym/parkade portion of the site has been scraped down to the final depth

Scraping and excavation for footings are complete

Foundation material has been delivered to site

Pad footings and footing ladders are built

Concrete footings are targeted to be poured this week


Targeted Schedule:

November: foundation work completed

Early 2015: framing and roof work starting

April 2015: interior work starting

July: building completed


On June 20, 2014, we broke ground for our beautiful new building – a moment that marked a turning point towards an even stronger future for our people.

This month, the workers prepared the site for the building and large boulders were stacked on the shore-line to protect it from washing away and wearing down. This is a long-term investment in the future of the land in front of the community building and the cemetery.

You will see the project team busy at work all winter long and construction is expected to be complete by late summer 2015.

The building will include a gymnasium and fitness room, multi-purpose room, the Tuytaxun General Store and a commercial kitchen. It will be a place for all of our community members to gather and come together for special events and activities.