Job Description: 


As a member of CVIMS Client Service team, the Intake Worker / Settlement Worker in Schools (SWIS) serves as

a point of contact for new clients, conducts intake/needs assessment, checks eligibility for the full range of CVIMS

Services and advises clients accordingly, and provides referrals to settlement, employment and other programs.

The role provides backup reception and welcoming services to clients over the phone and in person, sets up

appointments with staff and may provide interpretation services as needed. Provides backup administration

support to settlement team and targeted settlement support to School District 68 immigrant students and

families. In addition, general settlement work and facilitating youth activities will be required. The goal is to

connect newcomers to community resources and to facilitate integration into the larger community. Excellent

judgment, client boundaries, and client service skills are needed.



Job Type: 
Employment (Full Time)
Job Responsibilities: 


 Review eligibility criteria for participation in various CVIMS programming

 Conduct needs assessments to review and identify the newcomer needs across a broad spectrum of

settlement areas including language, employment, education, housing, etc.

 Provide and/or collect clear, concise and accurate explanations and/or information for immigrant and

refugee newcomers at initial point of contact.

 Provide administrative support to the settlement team and targeted support to the SD68 immigrant

students and families

 Provide information and orientation services through one‐on‐one in person or web conferencing,

telephone, email, outreach service, including school district locations (SWIS)

 Develop individual settlement action plans with clients and families, including goals to achieve settlement

success as outlined in the CVIMS logic model; conduct regular and thorough client follow up

 Register newcomer children into the school system, accompany families on the first day of school, provide

interpreting as needed