Census Canada requires Employees for Enumerator (4 positions)

Job Description: 

Census Canada requires 4 Employees for Enumerator positions for the Snuneymuxw Community.  

Apply online at census.gc.ca  or call 1-877-325-2016


Statistcs Canada Census 

What is the census?

The census counts everyone living in Canada and is run every five years. For residents in First Nations communities, the census will take place between February and June 2016.


Data collected from the 2016 Census provides participating communities an opportunity to collectively voice their views and tell their own stories.


Census data is used to:

· develop school and Aboriginal language programs

· establish and expand community health and social programs

· make informed decisions on employment, community development plans, and training and economic opportunities

· Evaluate existing programs and new service needs such as housing.

Statistics Canada attaches the highest importance to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information. The Statistics Act specifically requires that information about individuals be protected and kept strictly confidential.


If you would like more information about the Census or the Enumerator Employment Positions please contact Education and Employment Support Worker (250) 740-2316



Snuneymuxw First Nation would like to Introduce and Welcome the Statistics Canada Representative for the Nanaimo Area

Please welcome, Susan Garcia who is a non-status, born in New Westminster. Her father's maternal family is from the historical Kikait Reserve in Surrey, part of the Kwantlen Nation in Fort Langley. They are related to the Gabriel family there.

Susan’s father's paternal family is from Squamish Nation in North Vancouver and Hawaii. They are related to the Nahanee family there.  Susan’s mother's family is European, and who was born in BC.

Susan is completely blessed with a huge extended family, where the most of the grandmothers originate from BC, and where most of us have always lived, near the Fraser River and the BC Coast. 

Susan has lived in and around Nanaimo and Greater Vancouver all of her life. Susan is at retirement age, but recently returned to work, doing the Census with Statistics Canada.  

Susan will be working with Employees from our Snuneymuxw Community to deliver the Census and ensure that every household have the opportunity to complete it.


Application Deadline: 
Thursday, March 31, 2016
Job Type: 
Contract (Part Time)