What's Your Water Problem & What's Your Solution Contest!

Date and Time: 
Sun. Mar. 20/16 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Hosted by the POLIS Water Sustainability Project and
the Canadian Freshwater Alliance


"What's Your Water Solution"     

is a province-wide contest which invites organizations and First Nations across British Columbia to submit a short description of the most pressing freshwater issue in your watershed and your proposed solution to the problem.

We know a lot of important water stories never make it into the media. Compiling an inventory of local freshwater problems from across the province is critical to “take stock” of BC’s freshwater issues and demonstrate the need for improved decision-making and management. We will be developing a report based in part on this survey contest that describes key water issues facing different regions across the province.

Fill out your online contest submission form by March 20th, 2016! The top submission from a First Nation or organization—judged on both the description of the issue and the quality of the proposed solution­—will receive $500 to put towards programs, in addition to:

Research support from POLIS to identify up to three strategies to move towards the solution to your water issue; and
A one-hour coaching call with the Canadian Freshwater Alliance on a strategy to elevate your issue in the media.

Contact Rosie Simms (Water Law and Policy Researcher/Coordinator, POLIS Water Sustainability Project) at 250-721-8189 or water@polisproject.org.