Remembrance Day 2016

Date and Time: 
Fri. Nov. 11/16 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Offices and school closed for the holiday.

Please download the Emergency Contact Sheet below to contact on-call contacts.

Snuneymuxw First Nation would like to thank all the SFN War Veterans for their service.

The list below names all those that served for their country:

Late, Francis Tommy – Francis is buried in France

Late, George Good, Infantry-stationed in France for 6 years

Late, Simon McLean, Infantry Canadian Scotts

Late, Ed Peters- Army went overseas for about four years

Late, Oscar Thomas – Navy Coast Guards

Late Francis Thomas- Infantry

Late, Johnny Lewis- Army, Stepson to late Matice Johnny

Late, Freddy Bob – Army Korea

Late, Paul Good - Air Force

Late, Raymond Good

Late Tom Jones Sr. - Sniper.

Late, Ray Seward- American Navy, training war ended prior to

Late, Billy Seward -entered into training, war ended prior to completion.

Larry White- Canadian Scotts and then Royal Army Service

Jamie Thomas –Marine Corps stationed in the USA

Pete Corpuz- Marine Corp

Sonny Singson, Marine Corp

Jimmy Charles, Marine Corp

Keith Brown, Marine Corp

Marvin Singson, Air Force

Late, Perry Padilla, Marine Corp

Late, Byron Brown, Navy

Late, Robert Berard

Late, Joe Abbott

Late, Ivor Hogue

Ruper Hogue

(Joseph) Phillip Hogue

Louie Hogue Furgerson

Late, John Hinksman – Navy 1st world war.

Late, Bob Hinksman – 1st world war leaving with tremendous trauma

Ian Hinksman – air forces after second world war

Late, Charles Lawrence

Gerry Stroken – Korean Veteran

Pete Board, RCMP Constable

Maurice Dawson

Thank you to ALL Vets that have served their country.