Employment Workshops for SA Clients - May 2016

Date and Time: 
Mon. May. 2/16 12:00 PM to 02:30 PM

To ALL “Employable” SA clients, NO SHOW = NO CHEQUE. There will be a 15 minute grace period which means NO ONE will be allowed in after 15 minutes from the start time.

There will be Employment Workshops held at the Chief and Council Chambers on various dates which are mandatory for SA clients to attend.
May 2nd 2016 will be the next date.

Traditional Lunch @ 12:00

There will be Elder guest speakers sharing from 12:45-2:30
And transportation provided, please call Leanor or Karen to arrange for pick up.


According to, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada- they describe Policy 2.2- Termination of Benefits:
“Social assistance payments cease when a recipient no longer meets conditions of eligibility… Recipients should be made aware that assistance may be terminated, for the following reasons:
• Refusal or abandonment of employment opportunity
• Refusal to participate in an appropriate training or rehabilitation program”
If Social assistance clients are a no show for these employment workshops they will not receive their next SA as the clients have been advised of the policy 2.2
Social assistance shall be terminated with the payment for the period during which the recipient ceases to meet the conditions of eligibility.
Whenever a decision is made to terminate the client’s benefits, the client has the right to appeal the decision with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.