Chief and Council Community BBQ Roundtable Discussion At Newcastle Island

Date and Time: 
Sun. Sep. 20/15 12:00 PM to 05:00 PM

The Chief and Council BBQ and roundtable discussion that was held on Sunday Sept. 20th at noon at New Castle Island was fantastic.  I raise my hands to all team members who assisted in making the meeting a success, especially Wade, Alfi and Rob, the NCI crew who ensured everything was spick and span for the community; Ryan and  Open Water Catering for the wonderful meal; Irene a member of the Trust Planning WG for making sure everyone signed in and received door prize tickets; Terry, Chris and Juan for helping with our elders, and Tara and Desiree for the meeting details, set up, and organizing.  To all our team who assisted with this day, Thank you.

Thank you  to the Chief and Council members who were able to attend and provide an update to the community on the political work of the Chief and Council.

To all of our community members who could attend, thank you for being there and asking questions.

Shana Manson, Interim Executive Director