Petroglyph Development Group

Petroglyph Development Group (PDG) began economic development engagement at our first community meeting held in March 2016. PDG is growing at a steady pace and will continue to engage with our community and provide status updates as we move through Nation-building together.


Petroglyph Development Group Team:

The Board of Directors for PDG include Erralyn Thomas, Doug White III, Chris Good, Chief Mike Wyse, Doug White II and Isaac Thomas. The role of the Directors is to generate and manage economic development for Snuneymuxw while ensuring the fiscal, legal and social obligations owed to beneficiaries (Snuneymuxw membership) and shareholders (Snuneymuxw Chief and Council) are met.  PDG is a new company and its growth brings excitement and a great deal of work to be done.  The Directors are focused and committed to continue moving this work forward.

PDG Directors are supported by a management team of advisors and the team includes Helen Hunt (Executive Assistant), Gord Atkinson (Forestry Manager), Jameel Sayani (MNP), Drew Lawrenson (Miller Titerle + Company LLP) and Toby Baker (Resolution Development Systems Ltd.).


PDG Corporate Structure:

Through the corporate form of PDG, Snuneymuxw Chief and Council and PDG Directors manage 2, 100 acres of prime forest land and four fee simple private properties.
The 2, 100 acres of prime forest timber is managed by Mount Benson Forestry Lands LP.
The four fee simple private properties are managed by Petroglyph Properties Ltd.

Mount Benson Forestry Lands LP:

2016 forestry operations to date have harvested 35,000 cubic meters of timber.  Approximately, 5,000 cubic meters remain to be harvested.
Logging operations are projected to complete by early October.  In late August, logging operations ceased temporarily due to extreme weather conditions.
In Feb/March 2017, the Silviculture Plan to reforest and fertilize harvested areas are in full swing.

The Elders Firewood Cutting is and ongoing Program.


Petroglyph Properties Ltd:

The four fee simple properties owned by Snuneymuxw and managed by Petroglyph Properties Ltd are:

1150 Maughan Road

1130 Farquhar Street (banana lands)

1160 Maughan Road

2855 Departure Bay Road


Corporate Strategy:

PDG Directors and Chief & Council passed a Corporate Strategic Plan in May 2016.
Our work is focused around five main corporate objectives:

Build and sustain wealth
Strengthen the Snuneymuxw economy
Snuneymuxw Community Priorities
Relationship Building

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