The Power Of The Human Spirit Is Beyond Imagination

Nov. 20/15

Certainly there are times when our spirits shrink... these are the times when we feel alone and lonely... when we are too tired to stand up to the cruelties life delivers... when we are too afraid to say no to injustice.

The spirit gets trampled on the life journey, but this does not mean it can no longer soar. It can. But it needs our care and attention. Just like every other part of us, spirit needs nurturing. It is a living thing that needs constant sustenance. It thrives on a steady diet of beauty, love and gratitude.

No matter where life has taken you or what it has handed you, you can decide today to nurture your spirit back to health... to bring back its power... to help it expand to greater fullness than it has ever known. Decide to look for beauty. If it seems to be in short supply, create some. It doesn't take much... smile at someone. Decide to look for expressions of love. Choose to learn how to give love and receive it back, then take a risk and practice doing it. You will get good at it because this is what the spirit knows how to do best. Decide to see the blessings in your life, for they are there despite whatever turmoil or distress tries to overshadow them. Express gratitude for them all.

Turn your mind to beauty, love and gratitude. These are your spirit's three nutritional requirements. Make a commitment to the health of your spirit. Take time to nurture it. See how every day that you feed it, you find that much more to give it the next day. Feel the power of your spirit embracing all that life offers. Watch it soar as your life turns toward a future of peace, fulfillment, and joy.


By Sally Scott