Housing Updates Oct 2017

Oct. 26/17

Housing Renovations Update

Every year SFN Housing works on funding applications for Housing Renovations. Unfortunately there is NO more funding from CMHC or INAC for this year.

As SFN Housing relies on our funding agencies for Renovation funding, we need to begin the planning process for our Renovation applications next year.

If you would like to be put on the waitlist for Renovations we can make arrangements to visit the home to create a wish list with our Inspector.

This will serve as our future planning tool for homes that are eligible for funding applications.

Please call in to Housing to be put on a list for inspection.


Notice to Residents living in CMHC Housing Units


Please be advised that if you are living in a SFN CMHC Housing unit, you must get written permission to make ANY modifications to the premises—Including any part of the house and the lot that the home sits on, for example: fencing, landscape work, additions, sheds, smokehouses, etc.


This is a condition you agreed to when you signed your annual tenancy agreement.


Failure to get permission from SFN Housing may result in fees charged back to you to bring the premises back to original state. This is for both for safety and insurance purposes for housing and infrastructure.

Please contact Housing before making any alterations to your rental unit or if you have any further questions.


IR# 4 Projects Update


The water / wastewater / lot development projects at IR# 4 are winding down.

Recent works that have been completed are the utility installations (Hydro, Tel, Cable, Gas) on the new road between Stuywut and the community kitchen.

Natural gas line installations via Canadian utilities are also nearing completion.

The intersection crossing from Stuywut across Gordon Road is also nearing completion as well as new Hydro pole installations for power to the new school.

Please stay tuned for further updates on the SFN website or Facebook – Thank you!