Don't Give Up

Apr. 19/18

In 2005 I had my stroke. The last think I remember was feeling my body seize up. I was in the hospital in a coma for over a month before I opened  my eyes again. The first thing on my mind was the thought,: 'Tm going to beat this,. whatever  it   takes. "They later explained to me what had happened,  how I  had a stroke. On my first day back home I decided to force  myself to walk into town, step by step. It took me 2 1/2 hours for me to walk about 10 blocks to Thrifty's. I continued to push myself through this routine every day. Gradually my speech improved and my limp decreased. In addition I walked  around my house .as often as possible in order to build up my body  again. I was 140 lbs when I returned home but I slowly gained back my muscle mass till I was back to 170  lbs.

I decided to continue with the renovation of my life by attending to my diet. I ate salmon almost every day, either in solid form or through fish oil tablets. If you had known me before you would hardly recognize the way I was living now. Previously  I'd start off my day with a beer and a toke. The rest  of the day would be a blur as I smoked a pack or two of Export along with  my other favorite  escapes.


But I slipped back a few times, and this time I was struck down by a full out heart attack. I recall the pressure on my chest and  the intense struggle to breath.  I reached  for the phone and   dialed 911. Now something even more serious  had hit me.  I  was driven to the hospital in an ambulance. This was in   October; I wasn't released until the following February. It took over a month  to clear away the  infection.

After I was released back into my life they told me that I would probably have another 10 years to live with my new pig's heart valve. It was strange to return to my small cottage  by the water on the reserve. Nobody even knew that I had been gone, no one greeted me . It was as if I were living on my own all these years because I'd chosen to live in a secluded way all this time. That was 13  years ago.

I have lived quietly for the remaining time, thankful for the life I've been leading. But illness struck again in 2015. Again it began with a deep pain in my chest. I was admitted to the hospital on three separate occasions. During this period I  couldn't eat any solid food, and I survived on liquid Ensure formula. I went 2-3 times each week to medical specialists. I could only lay on the couch each day and watch  TV.


At one point a homecare giver suggested some Indian herbs that she'd heard about. I read through the list and gathered the ingredients recommended;  amongst them were Plantain, Devils Claw, and celery seed, and a mushroom mix. I also included in my diet a mushroom tea called Chaga. This seemed to improve my health. So I gradually increased my intake of Chaga, doubling from 1/ 2 teaspoon to a full teaspoon. I discovered that they sell Chaga in a powdered capsule form.. I also discovered that its also important to have some form of salmon every day. If you can't eat natural salmon, then you can at least find a form of salmon oil at the nearest outlet. Chaga, however, can only be found at your local health food store.

Since then my health has steadily improved. This programme began in 2016, and has brought good results for me. Recently  my specialist told me that the HIV,  which I must have  contacted while undergoing blood transfusions, was no longer detectable in my system. I can only shrug and be greatful for  this minor miracle. I attribute this to my intake of Chaga and maybe the blueberry  capsules  I also take each day.


I want  to encourage everyone to "Never Give Up". This has become my life motto..