Apply for Trust Funding

Mar. 31/19

Please note:

The Trust is not yet accepting applications for funding at this time.

A full application package will be available soon with more information.


A Member may not submit more than one Advance Request in any five year period. 

The request must be for a Purpose authorized by Subsection 5.1.b and fits within Article 31.0 of the Trust Deed. 

The request cannot duplicate any programs or services already provided for SFN Members. 


The request cannot be for any personal benefit of the SFN Member, or anyone else in particular, the request cannot be for:

  • Furniture, equipment, or appliances for personal use,
  • Vehicles for personal use,
  • The repayment of any form of debt or expense, or
  • Travel costs to attend conferences or competitions, and
  • The amount of the request clearly indicates a budget and is not otherwise unreasonable, and SFN Council may attach conditions to the Advance Request as it deems appropriate under the circumstances and according to the terms and conditions of the Trust.


SFN Council will review the submission and may ask for more information and clarification.  The Administrative and Community Trustees will review the Advance Request at their next duly called meeting and every effort will be made to make a decision as quickly as possible.


Note:   Please consult the Thlap'Qwum Community Settlement Trust document for more details and information.  Please click here to receive a copy of the Trust document.