Chris Good

Chris is a proud Snuneymuxw member dedicated to ensuring the lands of the Nation are healthy and providing access to abundant traditional and natural resources.

Chris was born and raised in Snuneymuxw and brought up by his parents Peter and Sandy Good. He loves fishing and hunting and feels most at home when he is outdoors. Chris learned traditional fishing areas and hunting from his father and uncles, and began working with the Nation when he was 14.

Chris has worked in a variety of positions including landscaping and assisting with the treaty process as the Estuary Steward where he has been responsible for overseeing the health, vibrancy and sustainability of some of the Nation’s most vital resources.

He has worked with the Fisheries program doing stock assessment, Salmon enhancement programs, water quality testing, and is currently the Land & Resource Coordinator. Chris participated in a two year university training program studying Reserve Land and Environment Management, which included a Professional Land Management Certification Program. This program was designed to enable First Nations to manage a broader scope of land and environmental management on Reserve.

Chris has worked in all areas of Land Management for the Nation along with the housing department, and handles most of the consultation with the City, Regional District of Nanaimo and supports Fisheries Resource work for the Nation.

Chris been very involved working with the Douglas Treaty Implementation initiatives, which he sees as some of the most significant and exciting work of the Nation at this time. He is dedicated to working to preserve, respect, and honour all that has been left by the Ancestors.

Lands & Resources Director
668 Centre Street
V9R 4Z4
British Columbia
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