The Housing Department objective is to maintain a Housing Program for membership living on reserve. The Housing Program includes the CMHC Social Housing, Renovation & Maintenance, and an Elders minor repair and maintenance programs.


An important notice for all Band Rental & CMHC Social Housing Tenants

This is a reminder of a couple terms within the SFN tenancy agreement that must be followed by all tenants. Please see the following as per the agreement:


A pet is only permitted with the written consent of the Landlord

The landlord reserves the right to prohibit or restrict pets in size or kind

The tenant is responsible to clean up after pet(s) and keep the Premises and yard clean and sanitary

The Tenant is liable for damage caused to the Premises and yard by a pet(s) and shall reimburse the Landlord for any cost to repair such damage


· The tenants must place all garbage and recycling in proper containers for pick up, Garbage and recycling must not be put out before 5am or after 8 am on the day of collection. The Tenant may be charged a fine of $25 for failure to comply with this subsection. Housing will use reports from the infrastructure staff to support any fines charged.

· The Tenant agrees to upkeep the exterior property of the Premises. This includes mowing the lawn, keeping the walkways clear of any obstruction, keeping the property free from junk/garbage/uninsured vehicles.

· The Tenant shall not make any alterations, improvements, renovations or additions to the premises without the written consent of the Landlord

Please be advised that the Residential Tenancy Agreement will be followed. We encourage those tenants that have pets to ensure they have proper written permissions. Your residential premises must be properly maintained as per your signed tenancy agreements.  Any issues with failing to comply can result in termination of your agreement.


Programs include:

Repairs and Maintenance – Housing provides a maintenance program for the CMHC social housing units as well as elders and a few other contributing housing units. The continued goal is to provide a service for repairs and maintenance that is as efficient and timely as possible.
Rent Collections - In order to keep the housing programs sustainable, rent collections are imperative. SFN Housing would not be able to make the necessary repairs or renovations if there is no rental income collected.
Educational Programs – SFN Housing is working with a Level II BOABC Certified Inspector on educating membership on issues such as mould mitigation, energy efficiency and fire safety. This is a “train the trainer” type program whereas the Inspector is training the SFN mould liaison worker who in turn is training the residents.  Housing is hopeful the one-on-one attention will better support members with these common maintenance issues.
Renovation Programs - Housing would like to provide a renovation program that is fair to all community members. Currently, the bulk of housing renovation income is derived from external agencies. As housing relies heavily on outside resources for renovation funding, we must abide by certain rules (CMHC/AANDC rules). Housing would like to make sure that every eligible home will be looked at for current and/or future renovations. We will also make sure that renovations are completed to B.C. building code standards.
Policy and Procedures – Housing would like to move toward improved housing policies & procedures. There are existing policies in-place, however there needs to be continued review and amendment of those policies and creation of new.
New Housing- Housing would like to provide suitable homes for membership as allocations become available.
Improved Quality Control – Housing is taking steps to improving overall workmanship conducted on SFN homes. Housing is currently working with other SFN administrative staff in developing standard contracts and retaining the services of certified building professionals for inspection services.

If you are interested in a housing rental on reserve, please fill out the two forms below and bring into the SFN Administration Office to reception.

Contact Details: 

668 Centre Street

Nanaimo, BC

V9R 4Z4

Office: 250-740-2300


Monday to Friday

8:00 am - 4:30 pm

After hours: Anna Wyse 250-755-5675