Non-Insured Health Benefits

This department is intended to ensure full access for Snuneymuxw people to the provincial healthcare system. This is achieved through the registration of community members for physician, hospital and other medical services through the provincial Care Card program. Additionally, non-insured health benefits are available to all First Nations people regardless if they live on or off-reserve for:

  • prescription drugs,
  • dental care,
  • optical services and
  • medical equipment and supplies.

These benefits can be received either directly from service providers or, in the case of medical equipment and supplies, through Inter Tribal Health Authority.

Snuneymuxw manages its own medical transportation program through the work of our Non-insured health benefits Clerk.

In addition to assisting our people register under the Care Card program, they help with travel to scheduled medical appointments either directly using the Health Centre vehicle or by arranging travel subsidies for distant appointments.


Contact Details: 

Any further Optical questions, please contact:

Inter-Tribal Health Authorities

250 753-3990 or Toll Free 1 877 777 4842


Any other Health concerns, please call Snuneymuxw Health Centre- 250 740 2337 

or Toll Free 866 736 4584



Monday to Friday

8:00 am - 4:30 pm